Social Ecology and Social Change

Eirik Eiglad (Editor)

Today, there is an urgent need for a new politics. We must change our society to reverse the damage human societies make on the environment. To do so, we need a practical and realistic approach that can transform our cities into being ecological and democratic cities.

—Dimitri I. Roussopoulos


How can we create a society that is ecological as well as egalitarian? How can we develop new forms of activism that are constructive as well as confrontational? How can we work for genuine social change?

Social Ecology and Social Change brings together a broad range of scholars and activists to address conflict and change, citizenship and community, activism and alternatives. Taken together, they point toward a new ecological politics.

Contributors include Dan Chodorkoff, Brian Tokar, Sveinung Legard, Adam Krause, Mat Little, Marco Rosaire Rossi, John Nightingale, Janet Biehl, Arnošt Novák, Cagri Erylimaz, Jonathan Korsár, Ersilia Verlinghieri, Monica Caggiano, Salvatore Paolo De Rosa, Metin Güven, Johanna L. Rivera, Toon Bijnens, Federico Venturini, Camilla Hansen, and Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos.


Eirik Eiglad (1975-) lives in Porsgrunn, Telemark. In the early 1990s he joined the anti-militarist, environmentalist and anti-racist movement and was radicalized as a social ecologist. As a movement activist, writer, translator and editor he has been involved in a range of left-libertarian projects in Norway; organizing seminars, actions, protests and conferences.

Language: English
Publisher: New Compass Press
Release year: 2018
Pages: 282
Formats: Hardcover; Paperback; E-book
Hardcover ISBN: 978-82-93064-36-7
Paperback ISBN: 978-82-93064-34-3
Ebook ISBN: 978-82-93064-35-0

Table of Contents:

Editor’s Introduction
1. Democracy for the Ecology Movement / Eirik Eiglad
2. Everything Depends on What People Are Capable of Wanting / Dan Chodorkoff
3. Climate Change as a Democratic Challenge / Brian Tokar
4. Will Participatory Democracy be Better for the Climate? / Sveinung Legard
5. The Return of Capitalism’s Internal Contradictions / Mat Little
6. Toward an Economy of Repair / Adam Krause
7. Capitalism, Communalism, and Citizenship / Marco Rosaire Rossi
8. Solidarity Through Citizenship in Social Ecology / John Nightingale
9. The American Built Environment as an Ecological Challenge / Janet Biehl

10. Are We Inventors or Repairmen? / Arnošt Novák
11. Toward a Zero Marginal Cost Municipality / Jonathan Korsár
12. Radical Approaches to Transport Planning / Ersilia Verlinghieri
13. Mobilizing Communities Against Organized Crime / Monica Caggiano & Salvatore Paolo De Rosa
14. Ecological Crisis and Third Revolution / Metin Güven
15. Toward an Ecology Movement in the Middle East / Johanna L. Rivera & Toon Bijnens
16. The Gezi Forums: Toward Direct Democracy? / Cağri Eryilmaz
17. Social Ecology and Contemporary Urban Struggles / Federico Venturini
18. Participatory Democracy Allows Us to Think What We Are Doing / Camilla Hansen
19. The Politics of Ecology and the Ecology of Politics / Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos
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